The witchy way to sync with your cycle, helping you take the patriarchy out of your period and become an expert in your body.

Are you waving the white flag to your red-stained underwear? Have you resigned to idea that period problems are just a bad hand you were dealt? That your body waging war on itself every month is a natural obstacle you have to work around to get what you want out of life?

Here’s what you might not know:

🚨 PMS and period pain are NOT normal! 🚨

When your hormone health is in check, your period experience should be smooth sailing — nothing more than mild cramping. Anything beyond that is a symptom of a hormonal imbalance.

It’s time to get in alignment with your menstrual cycle so you discover the power of your personal rhythm and have the life you’ve been working towards.

Reducing period problems...

  • Helps you cultivate body literacy. By honoring the natural ebbs and flows of your cycle, you learn so much about what does and doesn’t work for your body, which allows you to be a stronger advocate for your health.

  • Helps you strengthen your intuition & creative force. Painful cramps, mood swings, intense cravings, heavy bleeding, fatigue, and other symptoms bring a lot of noise with them and take up valuable mental energy. Clearing that clutter allows more space for intuitive messages to come through, helping you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and with the universe.

  • Is a feminist issue! I’m a firm believer that PMS is a tool of the patriarchy. When you’re out of commission one week every month (12 weeks a year… a whole quarter of the year!) and your moods ricochet from one emotion to another, they can pay you less and call you hysterical. Aligning with your cycle is a daily practice that helps dismantle the patriarchal standards of living we've internalized.

  • Lets you take back your power. Until now, you’ve been living in a world that wasn’t designed to support you. Working with your natural cycles unlocks a whole new way of living that accounts for your changing needs throughout the month, filling up your tank to become the powerful being you are rather than depleting that treasured fuel. It truly brings more flow to your everyday life (pun slightly intended ☺️).

The truth is, most menstruators who try to power through their days to get shit done end up stressed, depleted, and imbalanced. They lean so far into masculine energy traits — productivity, drive, action, discipline — they forget about their needs for softness, rest, and tending to their inner worlds, and get down on themselves when they can’t perform at the same level every day. Sound familiar?

This doesn't just make you feel like crap — it also doesn't make you more productive or creative or happier, so there's no reason to continue doing it.

Chances are, you’re nodding like a bobble head right now. I promise I'm not reading your diary!

Most people who menstruate don’t know that their natural hormone changes mean their energy, creativity, metabolism, stamina, libido and more change throughout the month, too (and that it can actually be a good thing). Adapting to those changes instead of resisting them is where cycle alchemy happens.

If you don't know about these changes, you also don’t know you're resisting your cycle. So it’s 100% not your fault. It’s just the natural result of living in a capitalist patriarchal society that was built to support the cis male hormonal pattern.

Here's why that's a HUGE problem

Society was built for cis men. The work day was built for them, too. Their hormonal cycles rise and fall daily with the sun, and they can maintain the same levels of energy day after day.

Menstruators, though? Our cycles fluctuate over the course of ~28 days (just like the moon) and through four phases. That means your energy, metabolism, productivity, creativity, immune system, libido, and so much more are different with each phase, too.

You are simply not the same exact person day in and day out because your changing hormones mean you have changing needs. 

The capitalist patriarchy has you resisting those needs as we’re pressed for more work, more productivity, more time, more, more, more! You push away your true needs until your body’s quiet knocking becomes more like a frying pan to the face.

Our culture has convinced you to accept less out of life.

Enter: all those horrible PMS symptoms you dread month after month. 

When you're doing everything but living in harmony with your cycle, your hormones are thrown out of whack, leading to a cascade of problems like painful periods, intense PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and more.



Your cycle is an untapped source of power that’s been inside of you all along.

You’ve already taken the first step towards dumping the patriarchy and overcoming draining PMS by reading this far.

By paying attention to how your body feels throughout the month, tending to your needs accordingly, and really nurturing yourself through supportive nutrition and self-care practices, you not only align with your cycle and feel a hell of a lot better, but you develop a stronger connection to your intuition, too.

These lessons stay with you for life.


1. Their doctor prescribes birth control as a solution.

No shame in the BC game if it’s what you need, but the pill often prescribed as catch-all solution for a variety of health problems. But it’s more of a band-aid, because it doesn’t actually address the root cause, and you’ll likely have the same symptoms once you come off the pill.

2. They’ve accepted period problems as a fact of life.

When you first got “the talk” about your period, you probably were told how to contain it, and to prepare for the worst. It’s literally in the dictionary as a metaphor for the word CURSE, so it’s ingrained in us deeply that periods naturally come with pain, discomfort, depression, cravings, etc. 

But holy smokes, it’s the total opposite of the truth! Imagine what you could do with all the energy spent on your period, how much more POWERFUL you could be, if you could channel all of that time and mental space to things that mattered more? (Like your creative pursuits, spiritual practice, important relationships, or dismantling systems of oppression, nbd.)

3. They’re not taught anything about their menstrual cycle.

You bleed for a week, stuff some cotton in your pants, grab some painkillers and a heating pad, and you move on, right? That’s the gist of the knowledge we get about the menstrual cycle. I, and many of my clients, didn’t know how any of it worked until our 30s! 

But once we all did, WOW things totally changed. Suddenly there was no guilt about the desperate need to rest, no PMS-induced screaming at partners or kids (or the regret and shame that floods in immediately after), no more disdain and hatred towards fluctuating body shapes, no more feeling out of control with your body's hormonal responses, holding on for dear life and hoping this month won't be another "bad one."

4. They think living cyclically is only for those with more time or money.

Hoo boy, that’s a big one. While it’s a whole lot easier to fully honor the ebbs and flows of your cycle when you’re in complete control of your life, that’s almost never the case. We all have obligations that fall outside of what our cycle phases need, jobs to do, bosses to please, kids to entertain, social lives to maintain. But the more you develop cycle consciousness, the better you’re able to manage your life while staying in alignment.

My approach as a nutritionist is radical and intuitive

I’m not going tell you to lose weight, I’m not going to have you counting calories and portioning your food into little boxes in order to balance your hormones. The typical diet-focused methods don't work for me (or you). As a former client once said to me, "This feels REBELLIOUS!"

My approach focuses on intuition and uses tools that help you strengthen this connection to your inner self — because you are the ultimate expert in YOU, and change takes radical belief in yourself.

Yes, we’re going to talk about supportive nutrition, but we’re also going to talk about the moon, about working with herbal allies, about both spiritual practices and practical self-care, and we’re going to get political, because wellness is political, my friend. And holistic nutrition takes into account *everything* that contributes to your wellbeing.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my own personal experience as well as experience with dozens of private clients to create an incredibly supportive, educational, and practical membership program to help feminist menstruators go from feeling miserable every month to harnessing the power of their hormones and discovering the superpowers they’ve had inside them all along.

 SYNC is intended to help you tap into the potential within yourself and cultivate a sacred relationship with that spiritual energy.

Before I give you all the details about this supportive program, let me tell you who this is for.

SYNC is for you if:

  • You’ve felt alone in your path to deepening the relationship with your body and are looking for a supportive community to share your ups and downs with

  • You want to be more in tune with yourself but feel like you don’t know enough or are overwhelmed by all the information out there on the interwebs

  • You want to finally f*cking feel BETTER but nothing you’re doing is working and it feels like the tools you’re given weren’t created for you

  • You want to have a more relaxed and intuitive relationship with food, but are afraid to release your grip and trust yourself to make decisions that are right for you

  • You’re spiritually curious and want to dip your toes into the magical waters (or are all-in and are looking for some new ideas)

  • You’re a feminist who wants to embrace your innate power and see it to its full potential

    If you nodded your head YESSSS to any number of these, you’re ready to SYNC up!

    We go deep.

    What you’ll learn in SYNC helps you cope with PMS symptoms and misalignment, but also work towards finding the root cause rather than covering it up. The unfortunate truth is that MANY menstruators are dismissed at the doctor and still don’t know why these symptoms are happening, so even if you’ve been told everything’s fine (when you know it’s not), the nutrition, self-care, and other nurturing practices are gentle and nourish your body from deep within to help get you on a path to feeling better in your skin.

    We fight the power.

    SYNC is intended to be a feminist collective of folks who aren’t just going to lay down and do what the patriarchy tells us to do — which up until now has included being taken out of commission once a month to suffer what we’ve been told was an inevitable part of menstruation. We also don’t subscribe to diet culture and its quest to make you smaller physically and emotionally. You deserve to take up space, and there’s space for you right here! 

    We don’t gatekeep information.

    A lot of programs just tell you what to do and when to do it — no further context about why and whether it’s even right for you. These “wellness” programs are rampant in the diet industry and depend on you not knowing how your body works, so when you fail, you think it’s your fault and you go back for more again and again. You know what? No thanks!

     I’ve already shared how you can do this work in workshops, blog posts, and social media — the information is out there and I’m happy to offer it to you. I’m also happy to help you implement it, and provide clarity in the process. You’ll never find a recommendation in SYNC without knowing the reasoning behind it, and my intention is for you to take the lessons you learn with you for life. It’s a core value of ours to be educated about our bodies, prioritize and advocate for our health and wellbeing, and support each other’s path to accessing our inner power. 

    We’ve got your back.

    Ever go to the doctor, get handed a piece of paper with confusing recommendations and no context after 10 minutes of face time, and never hear from them again? Been there, hate that! SYNC provides ongoing education and support for you on your path to a happier period. Because knowledge is power, my friend, and so is having someone you can access on a regular basis when you have questions and need clarity.

    When you enroll in the SYNC membership, you'll get:

    • MONTHLY GUIDANCE: We focus on a new theme of health/life each month with content that helps you implement cyclical living, develop body literacy, and strengthen your intuition in a sustainable way.

    • LIVE ACCESS: Masterclasses, coaching and Q+A sessions, and moon circles throughout the month diving deeper on the current theme, where you’ll be able to join and participate with me live.

    • LUNAR NUTRITION: Nourish yourself with recommended recipes and self-care practices that are specific to the lunar phases (which correspond to the phases of your menstrual cycle, as you’ll learn!)

    • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: A supportive community within the membership platform where you can ask questions, share your experiences, make feminist friends, and get ongoing support from me personally. I’ll be in there regularly to guide you through your cyclical journey.

    • DISCOUNTS ON 1:1 SERVICES: Special discounted access to private coaching sessions for more personalized support.

    • BONUS BODY BASICS MINI-COURSE: An intro to cycle consciousness that covers the foundations you need to honor your body, including trustworthy, referenced information on nutrition for happy hormones, how your period actually works, dealing with PMS woes, working with the moon, and eating for your cycle.

    • BONUS INTUITIVE CYCLE TRACKING MASTERCLASS: Including a workbook with printable worksheets to get you started ASAP.

    • BONUS MASTERCLASS ON FINDING RELIEF FROM PMS + PERIOD PAIN: One of our most-requested topics covering short- and long-term solutions for having a happier period.

    What cycle consciousness can do for you

    Help you feel more connected to your body: You develop an intimate knowledge we refer to around here as "body literacy," a skill that also strengthens your intuition.

    Ease fertility anxiety: Whether or not there are children in your future plans, your fertility is an important indicator of your overall health. Cycle consciousness naturally nurtures this inner technology to provide a supportive environment if/when you expand your family, and for other areas of health like bone, breast, and heart health.

    Relieve stress: Understanding your body's mental and physical needs can help you shift your schedule and activities to times you can be at your best.

    Maximize your energy: Paying attention to how you feel in each phase keeps you from trying to perform at the same level every day and depleting yourself. Goodbye fatigue!

    Manage your social life: Knowing ahead of time when you'll feel more motivated to socialize or when you'd rather be alone under a blanket listening to your favorite emo band from high school.

    Amp up your sex life: Awareness of the peaks and valleys in your cycle tell you when it's a good (or not) time to get busy.

    Make you a creative force: Honoring the phases of your cycle brings more mental clarity and space for your creativity to shine through.


    I'm so glad you asked!

    • I’m busy, man! How much of my time will this take?

      I hear you! Every month starts with new themed content that should take about an hour to watch and implement. We also have a new moon circle and a masterclass diving deeper on the current theme each month. So all in all, about 3 hours a month. But it’s not homework! You’ll maintain access to everything as long as you’re a member, so there’s always time to catch up. The beauty of cycles is that there’s always a new opportunity to begin again.

    • What if I can’t make the live classes?

      All classes will be recorded and uploaded to the platform shortly after for you to access at your convenience.

    • I’m a results person. What can you do for me?

      Learning about how your body works and working in flow with your cycle instead of resisting it has helped myself and my clients regulate their period, improve their relationships with themselves and others, and resolve PMS symptoms like painful cramps, mood swings, intense cravings, skin troubles, digestive issues, and more. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, the irregularity of your cycle, and your history with hormonal birth control, you can see improvements within the first cycle and up to six months.

    • I don’t get my period right now. Is this for me?

      If your period has gone missing (whether you’re post-partum, post-pill, have PCOS, or a disordered eating history, etc), SYNC offers support for your health and wellbeing as you work towards getting your cycle back. Truthfully, the content is intended for those in their menstrual years who are experiencing monthly changes; however, the teachings of cyclical living can still support your health and wellbeing for those in perimenopause or menopause — you’d simply follow the moon phases instead.

    • What if I’m on hormonal birth control?

      Hormonal birth control suppresses your natural cycle, so some of the teachings of cyclical living won’t apply to menstruation specifically because you may not experience the same fluctuations as those off of birth control. But that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from what you’ll learn in SYNC — the practices can still help you access more energy and creativity, help balance out what the pill or IUD may have thrown off, and can be a big help if you plan to transition off of birth control in the future. We also discuss family planning (or avoiding!) options available in the content.

    • I’m non-binary or trans. Is this right for me?

      SYNC is inclusive of all people who menstruate/have a uterus and the community is closely monitored to ensure that it’s a safe and welcoming space for every member. If you are going through or have gone through hormone therapy, however, the information in this program may not be fully applicable to your unique situation (though it is still helpful for general hormone health). Please reach out to me directly if you have specific questions:

    • What is your refund policy?

      Due to the digital nature of this platform, refunds are not offered, and membership fees cannot be returned once you are charged. You are, however, able to cancel your subscription in your Thinkific account dashboard at any time.

    Meet Kristen

    Functional Nutritionist
    Founder of SYNC and Good Witch Kitchen

    Hi there! I'm Kristen Ciccolini and I'll be your guide on your cyclical living path. I'm a certified nutritionist trained in functional and culinary nutrition, and SYNC is my way of combining my knowledge and excitement for honoring cycles with my feminist values. I started my business with a mission to offer relatable, easy-to-digest health education — because wellness is a right, not a privilege — and I aim to make my work as accessible as possible.

    If you want to know more about me and my work, visit my website, meet me on Instagram, or listen to this episode of my podcast, The Lunar Body.

    Enrollment is now closed.

    Add your email to the waiting list and be the first to hear when SYNC opens again in the fall!